Spotlight on Heidi Sutherland, Author of Brother’s in Betrayal

Today’s spotlight is on Heidi Sutherland, author of the hot new release Brother’s in Betrayal – the first in a trilogy. If you enjoy romantic suspense, be sure to check out this sizzling debut novel from an up and coming new author. If you haven’t sampled her writing yet, this is your chance to get a sneak peak at a real page-turner and discover a great new author.

Author Bio:

Heidi Sutherlin is a writer of Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance, a Graphic Designer and a Cover Artist. She currently wreaks her particular brand of digital mayhem from her home in beautiful Central Oregon while riding herd on a wily four year old and a plastic addicted black Lab named Frannie.


Romantic Suspense

What drew you to romantic suspense?

I read all kinds of genres but throughout all of the books that I read two things draw me: mystery and happily ever after. There needs to be an element to solve for me and the HEA is mandatory. That’s why all of the books that I write, regardless of genre will include those two elements in some shape or form.

Tell us a little about your book.

BROTHERS IN BETRAYAL is the first of the trilogy The Sins of the Fathers, focusing on three men, bonded in childhood and the three women that they come to love. Each of them will be threatened by a shared betrayal that will bring them closer even as it shatters the memories that they hold dear.

This first book tells Noah’s story:

Elite Pacific Northwest software designer, Grace Mason is not the criminal that Special Agent Noah Jeffries expected to find.

Unaware that she’s a suspected accomplice in an arms smuggling ring, Grace struggles to cope with the mysterious and disturbing changes in the company that she helped to build. When the danger begins to escalate she has no choice but to place her life in the hands of a man who threatens her control and makes her want what she promised herself she’d never take. Grace couldn’t have known that falling for the sexy FBI agent would make her the focus of a dead man’s vendetta.

Now Noah must uncover more than the details in a smuggling case as a betrayal from his past threatens the future of a woman he never meant to care for.

Novel Excerpt

“Are you finished with your tantrum? Pretty impressive, really. I didn’t expect you to last longer than a half hour at the most, but I think you actually managed to drag me through the entire complex. That takes you passed spoiled, right into dedicated. Nice job.”

His eyes glittered as he looked down at her, contradicting the bored tone he assumed, his jaw hardening in preparation for the battle to come.

“Spoiled!” she spluttered, “How dare you!”

“Yes, spoiled.”

He took one, then two, then three steps forward forcing her to move back until she felt the cold brick wall at her back. He was so close she could smell him; wood shavings and spice. The eyes that she had thought blue were suddenly cold and metallic. Not cold, no, a molten, gun metal blue. She’d never been able to visualize that color until now.

“You’re not happy that you have to show me around, I get it. Big deal, grow up and act like a professional. You’re more than welcome to continue to waste my time and your own, but I promise you that I won’t be going anywhere until I have what I came for. If that takes me a day or a month, fine, it will be spent within a foot from your side. You can enjoy it, or you can fight it, either way, you’re mine until I decide differently. Understand?”

He moved in so close that she could count the places they weren’t touching on one hand. From this vantage point, his face had lost the easy humor it held all afternoon. How could she have thought him gullible? How could she have ever overlooked this strength? His body was as hard as the steel in his eyes, and she could almost imagine being taken by – oh my God, she was doing it again. What was wrong with her! Then her eyes widened as the harsh words he’d just uttered managed to sink into her poor fogged brain.

He knew the exact moment when she snapped. He was watching the tide of thoughts and emotions that moved in waves across her face. Even with his patience at an end, she fascinated and stimulated him like no other female ever had. My God, she was beautiful. He watched as she seemed enveloped with her desire, followed by puzzlement and soft feminine wondering, the abrupt reeling in of the desire came next and finally the explosion of temper when his words registered. Good, he thought, let’s see how she handles someone who pushes back.

Grace jerked her arms up from where his body had them pinned, and shoved at his chest with both hands. In a far distant section of her brain she filed away the feel of his muscular frame on her oversensitive palms. She stomped on the lingering desire, even now racing through her senses and spun away and out of his reach. She turned on him then and planted both hands on her hips. The Peter Pan pose nearly had Noah laughing out loud, but he managed to just catch himself and schooled his features into his earlier scowl.

“Look here, you …you…man.” Smooth Grace, she thought. Taking a deep breath, she began again. “I am not a babysitter, nor am I a tour guide, and in the last three hours you haven’t once asked me a question pertaining to anything that we do here. What do you want? How can I help you? I’m a programmer, not a God damned promoter. We have sales reps and company flutter bugs who wine and dine and dimple for all of the other over-sexed, over-funded, pampered rich boys who fly in on their private jet, looking around for a new toy for the company that Daddy bought and doesn’t have the time to play with it. I cannot help you. Deal with it.” With an impressive flounce she turned on her booted heel and stalked away from him.

He followed, of course, though he did make certain to keep a few hundred feet between them. She was just angry enough that he wasn’t certain that she wouldn’t try to brain him with a handy stapler, or maybe even an office chair.

He wasn’t concerned. He knew where she was going. She was on her way to see Jude, where she’d no doubt explain that in no uncertain terms would she continue to “babysit” him.

My God, he thought again, she was beautiful.

He allowed a small chuckle to slip through his stony facade and then gave up completely and allowed his face to rest in its natural state, the crooked smile blooming on his lips. He hadn’t intended to push her so hard, but he couldn’t resist throwing a well timed boot into her little tantrum. And tantrum it was. Miss Grace Mason was a spoiled little code monkey, who needed a bit of a tune up, and he was just the man to do it.

What can your readers look forward to? Do you have an upcoming new release?

In the coming year I have a number of titles that I will be releasing, the first of which being the second book in the Sins of the Fathers series, BROTHERS IN DECEPTION, the story of Gage and Sam.

Where can readers learn more about you and your work?

You can learn more about me on my blog, facebook page and over at Goodreads. I’m also very active on Twitter and I love to meet new people, so feel free to stop by and say hello!

Blog –

Goodreads –

Twitter – @heidisutherlin

You purchase Heidi Sutherland’s books at the following retailers:

BROTHERS IN BETRAYAL is available in both ebook and paperback. The ebook is currently $.99.

Amazon –

B&N –

Brazen Snake Books –


About Lori Gordon

Lori Gordon has created stories since childhood and has the notebooks to prove it! In recent years she’s written paranormal, science fiction, a family novella, and thrillers. She has had short stories published in a variety of anthologies. When fate dealt her an unexpected twist and Lori found herself among the millions of unemployed, she decided it was now or never and wrote her debut thriller State of Panic. She is currently working at work on her second novel featuring Detective Andi Lawson, which will be released in early 2012. She enjoys writing unique, multi layered characters, and loves to both read and write character driven stories. Lori has taken turns in sales, as a marketing executive and entrepreneur and is now focusing on her writing. She lives in Chicago and in her spare time loves to garden and spend time with her pets.
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