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The rules of publishing are changing at rapid fire speed. Marketing and promoting can turn into a full-time job. Authors are forced to sacrifice precious writing time in order to “get the book out there.”

You all know the drill. You’ve written a quality book. Readers have given you four and five-star reviews and yet you suffer from lackluster Amazon rankings or are continually running new promo’s to keep your book from dipping into the 300,000 – 500,000 rank and risk fading into obscurity.

In today’s industry the question is what can you do to stand out from the pack and have your book noticed?

Branding is important. Attracting readers interested in your genre is crucial. How would you like to have your book and or your name turn up in the top ten in Google searches when a prospective reader is looking for their next good read?

The answer is easier than you might think. Allow us to talk about YOUR titles by joining the internet’s largest engine marketing network of authors.

If you are interested in increasing the online exposure of your titles while getting
an instant discount of $20, contact me via this blog or e-mail

I will send you the link for more information and a coupon code for an instant $20 discount. Control your future as an author and take advantage of building your brand, whether it’s short-term for a new release or long-term to establish yourself in your genre.


About Lori Gordon

Lori Gordon has created stories since childhood and has the notebooks to prove it! In recent years she’s written paranormal, science fiction, a family novella, and thrillers. She has had short stories published in a variety of anthologies. When fate dealt her an unexpected twist and Lori found herself among the millions of unemployed, she decided it was now or never and wrote her debut thriller State of Panic. She is currently working at work on her second novel featuring Detective Andi Lawson, which will be released in early 2012. She enjoys writing unique, multi layered characters, and loves to both read and write character driven stories. Lori has taken turns in sales, as a marketing executive and entrepreneur and is now focusing on her writing. She lives in Chicago and in her spare time loves to garden and spend time with her pets.
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  1. You have been nominated for a blogger award here best of luck

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