Sam Black Suspense Novels

Coming Fall 2012
The Most Seductive Streets in Chicago Will be Washed in Blood

Till Death

Some killers break all the rules…
Samantha Blackstone was a successful psychologist catering to the city’s elite until her older sister vanished. Having firsthand knowledge of the pain a family endures when a loved one is presumed dead, Sam trades her psychologist’s couch for a badge and a gun and vows to keep other families from experiencing a similar nightmare.
When Chicago’s glamorous Gold Coast becomes the hunting ground for the most dangerous killer the city has seen in years, Sam is convinced the murders have all the classic elements of sex killings. Bound, raped, beaten, brutalized, and left to die, each of the victims is branded with the same two words. Till Death. There’s only one problem with her theory— all the victims are male.
The ruthless killer stages each scene with meticulous care, creating an elegant backdrop for murder. But there is nothing elegant about the method of death or the cold precision used to remove all traces of the victims’ identities. With the anniversary of her sister’s disappearance approaching, Sam must set personal issues aside and outwit a cunning killer before he…or she…strikes again.
The case is Sam’s most challenging yet and pairs her with Nikki Fletcher, a new transfer to the 18th precient whose disturbing past adds another layer of mystery to the case and pits her against twenty-year vet, Jay Lombardo, a cop with a passion for pasta, fine wine, women and Frank Sinatra.
And as the body count rises, so do the twists and turns in a shocking tale that delivers equal doses of suspense and gripping human drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


2 Responses to Sam Black Suspense Novels

  1. Alycia says:

    I am not able to locate this book till death on Amazon where can I purchase it?

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